Snarky comments with side of sass: Elbow Room Cafe closing its doors today

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You can say goodbye to a well-known cafe in Vancouver. The Elbow Room is closing its doors today, but whether it ever re-opens in its place could come down to affordability.

Simply ordering a coffee could be met with some sass and a snarky comment from the staff at the eatery — not because the employees are rude, but rather because it’s all part of the experience.

“I’ve always loved to make people laugh. So that element has always been part of my character,” said Peter Jaskiewicz, who has been a server at the cafe for four years.

He admits the sass might not be for everyone, but it’s a twist on service that put the cafe on the map. “But the ones that do recognize it for the gem that it is.”

“It’s a sad moment. We’re losing an icon restaurant,” he said.

Jaskiewicz adds customers have been calling to thank them for their service. “It’s really left a mark on a lot of people and people are going to be sad to see it go.”

He says he’d happily come back to the Elbow Room if it were to re-open, if the cafe can find a new space.

“It would really come down to… affordable rent. I think the biggest thing for restaurants is to find ways of reducing their costs. I don’t think personally that a restaurant is a very good return on investment these days, unless you own the land.”

He feels the Elbow Room shutting down is part of bigger problem in the city. “If you make things unaffordable for restaurants, then where are people going to meet up? Where are people going to connect? I think there is a connection deficit in the world today”

“People need affordable places to meet up. I think coffee shops have taken to space where restaurants have because it’s just more affordable,” he added.

Jaskiewicz says some staff members are now moving away or returning to their regular jobs. The Elbow Room Cafe has been at its current location on Davie Street for 25 years.

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