Canadians tipped generously during the pandemic: reports

It appears Canadians were feeling more generous when reaching for their wallets after a meal, according to reports.

It’s something you think about when you’re handed your restaurant bill: How much should you tip?

Data from H&R Block shows Canadians were tipping 56 per cent more since the onset of the pandemic, and a report from Square says people across the country were leaving bigger tips despite hard times.


“We have family that’s in the industry, so we’re well aware of all the opening and closing of all the restaurants,” one woman said.

Findings from Square also showed that before the pandemic, Canadians were tipping at 16.6 per cent, while through the pandemic and into 2022 that increased to 17.9 per cent across all businesses.

“I think I’ve always been a pretty good tipper,” another woman said. “I think the pandemic reinforces the gratefulness we have to the servers and other people in that industry.”

H&R Block says 38 per cent of Canadians would tip more knowing that workers have to pay tax on their tips.

Data from Square says, on average, during the first three months of 2022, people in Alberta and the Prairies tipped most generously at 18.8 per cent, while those in Quebec and Ontario tipped 18.1 per cent, and customers in B.C. tipped 17per cent.

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