Over 25% of Canadians have negative views of Trudeau, Poilievre, poll finds

Data from a recent poll suggests that some Canadians aren’t too keen on the leaders of the Conservative and Liberal parties.

According to a poll published by Research Co. on April 27, over a quarter of Canadians view Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and opposition leader Pierre Poilievre as “arrogant, dishonest, and out of touch.”

In the poll, 37 per cent saw Trudeau as “arrogant,” 36 per cent as “dishonest,” and 35 per cent as “out of touch.”


For Poilievre, 39 per cent saw him as “arrogant,” 29 per cent as “out of touch,” and 28 per cent as “dishonest.”

Research Co. president Mario Canseco says the perceptions are due to solid partisanship on both sides.

“Conservatives… disliking Trudeau, choosing the worst possible words to describe him, and Liberals returning the favour to Pierre Poilievre, think he’s not… somebody who should be trusted for the job, and we still have a third of those who never vote for either of those two parties,” he told CityNews.

However, the numbers are more promising for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who is considered more likeable. In the poll, less than a quarter find him “arrogant” at 14 per cent, “out of touch” at 20 per cent, and “dishonest” at 16 per cent.

However, Canseco says Singh’s likeability doesn’t correlate to the number of seats his party has in Parliament.


“People relate to him, they… choose positive words to describe him, but that hasn’t been accompanied by the level of support for the NDP that would suggest the election is a three-person race,” he said.