Langley plane crash leaves 3 hurt

Three people were injured after a plane crash-landed at Langley Regional Airport Tuesday afternoon after the plane “clipped” a vehicle.

Three people were injured after a plane crash-landed at Langley Regional Airport Tuesday afternoon.

Township of Langley Fire Department Deputy Chief Russ Jenkins says a plane “clipped” a vehicle as it was passing over 216th Street just after 3 p.m.

“We have one male patient that was flying the plane who was able to exit the plane and that patient has suffered some injuries,” he told CityNews.



The Langley RCMP confirmed later in the afternoon that both the pilot and a passenger have been transported to the hospital, as well as the driver of the vehicle.

BC EHS says two people have been transported to the hospital via air ambulance, while one person was hospitalized and is in stable condition.

Callers to CityNews reported seeing a large fire in the area, along with numerous police and emergency vehicles.

Kirk Wood says he saw the plane crash through the fence on the airport property and hit a mound of dirt at the end of a runway.

A former firefighter, Wood says he sprang into action and ran onto the tarmac, afraid of what he might find in the smoke and blaze.

“Tried to do four things at once: Park my car safely, turn on my flashers, get out of my car, call 9-1-1 and run to see who needed help,” he said.

“Thankfully I was able to look in the pilot side of the aircraft, I was able to look in the window and see they were both conscious. The door on the other side of the plane was ajar, so I went around to the other side and the lady was able to get herself out of the plane, told her I’d help her.”

He says another person came to help get the pilot out – who Wood says had a head injury.


Langley RCMP has not given an update on the condition of the plane’s occupants, but they say the Transport Safety Board has been contacted.

Police say the cause of the crash has yet to be determined, and are asking anyone with information to call the Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.

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