Air quality advisory issued for Metro Vancouver due to wildfire smoke

It’s not even officially summer yet but the dry, hot weather is already triggering a campfire ban for most of B.C. and a BBQ ban at Vancouver’s parks and beaches. Monika Gul reports.

Metro Vancouver has issued an air quality advisory as wildfire smoke wafts into the region.

The regional district says two wildfires near Harrison Lake “are producing considerable smoke that is contributing to degraded air quality and hazy conditions.”

The Chehalis River wildfire burning near Harrison Lake

The Chehalis River wildfire burning near Harrison Lake in June 2023. This is one of two fires in the area contributing to poorer air quality in Metro Vancouver. (Courtesy BC Wildfire Service)

The advisory covers all of Metro Vancouver, as well as the Fraser Valley.

The smoke, in combination with hot and sunny weather and local emissions, is leading to “elevated levels of ground-level ozone.” The regional district says this and higher concentrations of fine particulate matter are expected to last until a break in the weather.

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Metro Vancouver is urging people to “postpone or reduce outdoor activity” when concentrations are high, “especially if breathing feels uncomfortable.”

Concern is greatest for those with underlying conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), other lung diseases, and heart disease, as well as people who are pregnant, infants and children, and older adults.

The regional district is recommending people seek cooler spaces amid the higher temperatures, adding, “indoor spaces with air filtration and air conditioning may offer relief from both air pollution and heat.”

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