Pierre Poilievre kicked out of Commons after calling Justin Trudeau a ‘wacko’

By The Canadian Press

Speaker Greg Fergus kicked Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre out of the House of Commons during question period Tuesday.

All Conservative MPs have left the chamber in protest after Fergus gave Poilievre multiple chances to withdraw comments calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “wacko.”

Poilievre said he would replace the word with “radical,” then that he would “simply withdraw and replace” the language with the term “extremist.”

Fergus said the Conservative leader was disregarding the authority of the chair.

The exchange came after Conservative MP Rachael Thomas was kicked out of the chamber for disregarding instructions from the Speaker, whom she called “disgraceful.”

Immediately before the events, Trudeau had accused Poilievre of associating with far-right extremists and said a person who does so is not fit to be prime minister.

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