Women voters leaning more towards the NDP: Poll


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Mustel Group survey shows women voters in BC continue to lean towards the NDP.

Does that mean Premier Christy Clark’s “Women’s Only” forums haven’t been working?

Political Science Professor Dr Janni Aragon with the University of Victoria thinks she’s having a tough time reaching voters period.

“I think she targeted women voters. I don’t think it is pandering so much, but of course I might say targeted and someone else might say pandering… but from my view point it is targeted meetings.”

The meetings have discussed the challenges of being a woman in politics, criticism in the media, family issues, economic opportunities and other topics geared towards women.

The events have been ongoing across the province since the summer.

Aragon says gender aside, Clark is just having a tough time engaging with voters.

“I think that it is indeed something else, people are not happy with her and the BC Liberals. Given the current economy and the mood of the electorate for the party, people are not happy with her.”

In this latest survey more women voters also favoured the Green Party, whereas more men took a conservative stance.

Male voters are also somewhat divided between the NDP and Liberals.

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