Dismantling of the Kits Coast Guard base begins


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – That didn’t take long. Construction crews were at work over the noon hour dismantling part of the now former Kitsilano Coast Guard station.

It might be a blow to those fighting to reopen the base.

A flatbed truck towed a piece of the station away before a chainlink fence gate surrounding the station was slammed shut.

News1130 reporter Dave White watched all of it under heavy security.

A ramp connecting the station building with the docks below has been removed, they’re now inaccessible to anyone. Signage has been taken down and the station looks ghostly.

A man who appeared to be a former worker carried office supplies out of the building, but wouldn’t speak as he left.

“It’s disgusting that they’re going against the BC people and there seems to be a fly-by-night to get rid of the base,” says Dave Clark, Regional Vice President Pacific for the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees.  “It really shows their apathy to BCers.”

He says dismantling part of it so soon is like pouring salt in the wounds of those hoping it would reopen.

“Well I think they know they’re wrong and that’s why they’re trying to get rid of the base and there’s a cost to reopening it,” Clark adds. “You know what, this base will last again. They can take away pieces and all that but it’s been needed for 70 years.

The Kits Coast Guard base closed without warning last week. It’s closure will save the federal government $700,000.



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