Richmond C. of Commerce not worried about Chinese-only signs


RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Richmond’s Chamber of Commerce argues being “free enterprise” means businesses should make their own signage decisions.

The group is weighing in on Richmond’s Chinese-only debate. As far as it’s concerned, the number of Chinese-only signage in the city is not an issue.

Chamber chair Barry Grabowski prefers city council also stay out of it, and let businesses choose how they market themselves, and to whom.

“As a business organization and as a business owner, my preference is that business owners make decisions based on their own best interest of their business.”

The debate about Chinese-only signage has been going on for years in Richmond, but now a delegation intends to present a petition to council, seeking more of a balance between Chinese and English wording.

Grabowski says free enterprise, for him, is about choice.

“Businesses can choose what they are going to do for business, they can choose who their customers are going to be, and of course in turn customers can choose who they will purchase products and services from,” he explains.

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