Stats suggest pit bulls are more violent than other breeds


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) –  A pit bull attack on a Delta police officer Saturday night has people once again weighing in on the relative danger of that breed.

Stanley Coren, the Vancouver author of over a dozen books on dogs and their behaviour, is sharing some statistics compiled by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This is quite astonishing. Although pit bulls make up only a half per cent of the total number of dogs in the US, they are responsible for 43 per cent of fatal dog bites,” he points out.

“That says something about the wiring of the dog.”

He does stress that there are only usually around a dozen dog-related fatalities in the US every year, and about half of the victims are children.

Coren surmises both breeding and the way the dog is raised have a bearing on its behaviour. But he also notes pit bulls are strong animals, they don’t back off and they’re known for their very strong bite.

More information about dog safety can be found here.

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