Michael Dunahee’s family hasn’t given up hope


VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – It is one of the most memorable missing persons cases in Canada.. Four year old Michael Dunahee went missing 22 years ago today.

Michael’s mother Crystal says she and her husband have never given up hope.

His mother Crystal Dunahee despite the time passed, it’s hardly gotten easier and she says if she saw her son today… she wouldn’t know what to say.

“It’s just one of those things that I would just blurt out, when the time is right.”

Despite more than 11,000 tips, and a $100,000 reward, Michael has never been found. Crystal says after all she’s been through, it’s a reminder to parents to know where their kids are at all time.

“Be diligent, know where your children are. With the new age, you’ve got cell phones, there’s no excuse why they can’t check in when they get to their destination,” she explains.

She and her family are still hoping someone who knows something about the day Michael went missing will come forward.

Police are no closer to solving the case, which remains active.

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