AG report on carbon neutral program may be delayed


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s unclear if the Auditor General’s report on BC’s carbon neutral program will be released today.

The head of Offsetters, a company that helps individuals and businesses manage their climate impact, says the Speaker of the Legislature might delay the release of the study.

CEO James Tansey has his own concerns about the validity of AG John Doyle‘s report.

“From our corresepondence with the Auditor General’s office, which has been going on for about eight months now, we’ve had very strong signals that they started out with a sort of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude toward the project,” he says.

Several experts who advised Doyle as he put the report together have expressed concerns as well, saying the AG ignored evidence and is creating controversy where none exists.

One advisor has quit because of his concerns about the report.

Tansey says it’s unclear how the AG reached some of the conclusions in the report. “Unlike us, where we have to be absolutely tranparent about which third-party groups we use to validate and verify our projects, they (the AG’s office) haven’t been willing to reveal which experts they use.”

He tells us the report’s release might be delayed until later this week, after the govenment has had some time to do some fact-checking.

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