Researchers concerned by killer whale behaviour changes


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some puzzling changes in killer whale pods is starting to worry researchers at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Experts fear something’s wrong with the environment off BC’s coast.

We’ve all seen videos or heard the whale cries after microphones were dropped under water, but now, Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennard says that’s not working.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve noticed the fish eating killer whales off our coast are very, very quiet. It’s a striking change. We think of them as acoustic animals. They make a living using sound. They use it to look for prey or communicate over long distances.

Barrett-Lennard says too many matriarchs are dying and more research is needed because something is likely wrong with the ocean environment.

The Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance goes even further saying a loss of reproductive whales could lead to these Orcas becoming extinct.

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