Future of door-to-door mail delivery debated in Ottawa


OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – Federal politicians are asking Canada Post to stop its plan to end door-to-door mail delivery; a motion is being debated in the House of Commons.

The postal service’s cost-reduction plan also calls for raising stamp prices and the elimination of up to 8,000 jobs.

The government is on the defence, as the opposition lets the accusations fly.

The NDP has put forward the motion; its author Olivia Chow says she can’t understand why the government is allowing Canada Post to do this. “It hurt ordinary Canadians and it also hurt our economy. It damages small and medium-sized businesses.”

Meanwhile, the Liberals claim this is all part of a long-term government plan to privatize Canada Post.

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt argues the company is bleeding money and these changes are necessary. “Canada Post has no choice but to find more effective ways to provide its mandatory services while reducing its costs.”

A vote on the motion is expected this evening.

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