Metro Vancouver has one of best transit systems in North America: author


METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With packed trains and bursting B-Line buses, if you talk to people who take transit regularly in Metro Vancouver, chances are you’ll hear a few complaints.

But an author set to speak in Vancouver today says we really have it pretty good.

Taras Grescoe thinks Vancouver has one of the best systems and long-range transportation plans on the continent.

He says TransLink has a great amount of planning skill, noting it controls a fairly large region, unlike other cities like Toronto, which he says has a patchwork of agencies.

Grescoe feels TransLink does a good job of building light rail transit like Canada Line and SkyTrain, “[and] also working in concert with regional and municipal authorities to build density around stations.”

“So it’s really looked at with a lot of interest by other agencies in North America who see Vancouver as kind of building the city of the future,” he adds.

“I’m just constantly impressed. I’m touring cities around North America that have all kinds of problems. They’re not expanding, they’re not building good integration between buses and rail transit. Vancouver is doing everything right.”

Grescoe is speaking at the Spur Festival today about his vision for Vancouver in 2021.

As for transit in 2021, he says the region needs to keep doing what it’s doing. He says it needs frequent and reliable bus service.

“It needs the kind of technology that will allow you to know when the next bus is coming so you can really plan your trips. Apart from that, TransLink has got things pretty well in hand. I’m sure there are criticisms about service and service cuts, that kind of thing; there are in every city.  But TransLink, believe me, is considered one of the strongest agencies in North America.”

Grescoe’s book looks at transit in various cities around the world.

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