Students protesting labour dispute between teachers and province


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Students in BC are fed up with the labour dispute between teachers and the government and they want to make it known.

Students across the province will hold a walkout Wednesday at 9 a.m. as teachers continue rotating strikes all week.

Student Organizer Victoria Barker says so far, over 7,000 students have signed up to leave class. “I have been contacted by students from Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Penticton, even my own Surrey school district.”

“Our main goal is to show that we’re tired of being put in the middle of their dispute and we’d like to see a change in their negotiation process so that we’re not stuck in the middle anymore,” she explains.

Barker says the plan is to leave class and have students line the streets near their schools, holding signs.

She says a number of parents have also volunteered to participate.

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