A look at misconceptions about home insurance coverage for rural homes


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Are all rural properties protected by home insurance when there’s a wildfire like the one in Rock Creek?

You may have heard homes located far from a fire hydrant or even a fire department may not be covered, but Daniel Mirkovic with Square One Insurance says that’s a misconception.

He adds an Act of God exclusion does not apply for fires caused by people.

“In this particular case, where the fire was accidentally caused by someone else and it’s now damaged your home, the resulting damage would be covered by your home insurance policy.”

Mirkovic says even if your property is out in the woods, you can still get a plan.

“If you’re in a semi-protected area — you have a firehall within a certain distance — you’re going to be paying about 50 per cent more. And if you’re in an unprotected area, you might pay about double what someone in a fully protected area might pay.”

That means on average, semi-protected home owners would pay around $60 and unprotected home owners would pay $80 monthly.

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