Conservative candidate makes bizarre Trudeau brothel claim

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A Conservative candidate appears to be falsely claiming Liberal leader Justin Trudeau wants to legalize brothels.

At a hastily called news conference to respond to Trudeau’s plan to allow more parents and grandparents to come to Canada to join their relatives, Conservative candidate Jason Kenney was asked whether the Tories would consider relaxing their tough approach to marijuana given some recent polls indicate many people support legalization or decriminalization.

He said no, before his response meandered into unusual territory, with a claim that Trudeau wants to bring brothels to your neighbourhood.

“He wants to force communities to accept brothels,” Kenney said. “We don’t think the values of most Canadians include having to put up with heroin injection sites imposed on their communities against their will, or to have brothels operating in their neighbourhoods against their will.”

Trudeau is not on the record as ever having expressed support for the legalization of brothels, but Kenney stuck by his position when asked about the issue further.

“You just have to look up his vote against our legislation to criminalize bawdy houses,” says Kenney. “He voted against that.”

Kenney appears to be making the leap that a vote against criminal punishment for prostitutes translates into a plan to impose brothels on neighbourhoods.

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