A look at some details in Trudeau’s plan to legalize marijuana

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We’re learning more about what Justin Trudeau’s plan to legalize pot would actually look like, with the Liberal Party releasing its platform.

The Conservative camp has repeatedly stated that Trudeau’s plan to legalize pot would increase access to the drug for minors.

But the details in this platform show there will be an enforcement component, with a pledge to increase penalties for those who give pot to kids. There’s also mention that he’ll consult with law enforcement and health experts, as well as the provinces.

“I think the fact that he’s proposing to engage in discussions suggests that it’s not going to be absolutely unilateral, and the involvement of other authorities reduces the risk,” says UBC political science head Richard Johnston. “I think it’s reassuring in that sense.”

However, he does say people could choose to interpret the plan based on their political leanings.

“I think it does leave scope for people to read into it what they want to read,” says Johnston. “But I don’t think he’s put himself in a more dangerous position than he was at the beginning of the campaign, and there is this aura of reassurance that comes with discussions [with experts].”

Trudeau is also pledging harsher penalties for those who drive while high or sell the drug outside of a newly created system if his party forms government.

Click here to read the full platform.

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