Cautionary words from Vancouver Police Union about supervised injection sites


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Vancouver Police Union has some cautionary words for Toronto as that city looks to bring in supervised injection sites.

The comments come after the Toronto Police Association pointed to Vancouver police saying the force has had to deal with a lot of street disorder because of these sites.

Vancouver Police Union President Tom Stamatakis says if a city is considering a facility like Vancouver’s INSITE, it needs to make sure all issues can be managed properly. The issues he is referencing include drug use, trafficking and distribution.

“So that wherever these facilities are located, the negative impact of the associated drug use can be managed so other citizens aren’t negatively impacted,” says Union President Tom Stamatakis. “I think when you look at illegal drugs and activities associated to that you need to look at it more holistically. You can’t just focus on harm reduction, you also have to focus on prevention, education and enforcement.”

Stamatakis agrees police here have had to deal with a lot more because of supervised injection sites.

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