Bike advocate wants BC gov’t to invest $1 billion in cycling infrastructure


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s an idea meant to give everyone in BC the chance to cycle, but it would cost big bucks.

“We’re encouraging everyone in the province of British Columbia to enable everyone in the province to cycle and walk for their daily trips by investing $1 billion over 10 years in high-quality cycling and walking facilities,” says Richard Campbell with the BC Cycling Coalition.

He’s doing that in an online petition that calls on the province to dish out the cash. Campbell adds it would mostly be spent on infrastructure.

“It would help create complete networks in communities around the province with the protected bike lanes and bike paths so that people don’t have to worry about cycling among traffic which is stressful, dangerous and uncomfortable. It would also help make intersections safer for people walking, cycling and driving.”

“The separated [bike] lanes in particular are important. Research and experience has shown, when communities do put the separated bike lanes in you’ll get far more people cycling. You’ll get people cycling with their children and seniors cycling as well.”

He’d also like to see new pedestrian and cycling overpasses across highways. Campbell realizes it’s a steep price to pay, but feels people will get behind the idea.

“When you look at it, it seems like a fair amount of money but compared to roads, the new Massey Tunnel replacement bridge is $3.5 billion and that’s one project. If you invest in cycling in communities across the province, you’d find way more people benefiting from that. That’s one of the reasons we’re having the petition, to show that lots of people support it.”

He adds the investment would enable people to make most of their daily trips either by cycling or on foot.

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