Most Canadians say price is the biggest disadvantage of shopping local

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We want to shop at local businesses and support small stores in our neighbourhoods, but it is hard to resist the lure of the deal.

A new survey suggests big box retailers still hold a big advantage over the little guy — lower prices. The findings, from Yellow Pages, reveal Canadians recognize small businesses are an important part of the economy and most (66 per cent) would prefer to shop locally but despite those positive attitudes, a majority still spend more at large retailers.

The survey finds that even a small price discrepancy (as little as 5 per cent) decreases the number of customers willing to shop local by 33 per cent, even when a local business is closer than the less expensive larger retailer.

And while a significant portion of Canadians (39 per cent) also look down their noses at retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, four-in-10 of us still plan to take advantage of the deals.

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