Liberal leader dismissing latest ‘Wild West’ article from New York Times


KELOWNA (NEWS 1130) – While campaigning in Kelowna, she was asked about an investigation which revealed more than $140-million worth of tax dollars have been spent giving tax breaks to more than 80 foreign companies.

Here’s how Clark responded to the claim only 300 jobs have been created by Advantage BC.

“I am really impressed that you made it all the way through that article and were able to figure out what the guy was trying to say.”

Clark went on to suggest the program is valuable.

“Absolutely. I mean, we want to attract head offices and businesses to BC from around the world… We are going to continue to work as hard as we can to not just grow our trade as we’ve done two thousand per cent to China, but we’re also working hard to attract those head offices here because this could be a spring board for the rest of Canada, the rest of North America and even down into South America.”

NDP leader John Horgan insists it is too secretive and largely benefits companies willing to donate money to the Liberals.

“We don’t know who these companies are, how much they’ve been able to pocket over the past number of years. This is another example of a government that’s lost its way — a government that’s not working for you, but working for its wealthy donors.”

Earlier this year, Clark was forced to give up her annual $50,000 bonus after another Times article referred to BC as the Wild West of political donations.

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