Metro Vancouver’s economy doing well, despite high real estate prices, traffic congestion


METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Yes, we have sky-high real estate prices and ridiculous traffic, but Metro Vancouver also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

New numbers out today show our economy is white hot, especially when it comes to the technology sector. Andrew Murtagh with Robert Half says companies are getting creative.

“In the age of Skype for Business and technologies like Slack, we find that a lot of companies offer flexibility. That means even with the high cost of living, you can live farther away from where, perhaps, you head to the office each day and that can perhaps ease the pain,” he tells us.

Murtagh adds the technology section specifically is booming.

“A lot of companies are adapting to that through more of a work-life balance. We’re seeing a lot of businesses embracing this [remote work] type of culture. So, perhaps they might get flexibility on their commute where they can perhaps drive in later to work or leave earlier.”

Across Canada, a surge in full-time work in September fuelled a 10th-straight month of net job gains to match the economy’s longest monthly streak since the financial crisis nine years ago.

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