Tourist finds hidden camera in Airbnb apartment

Instead of getting a good night’s rest, an Airbnb customer experienced a waking nightmare at what he called a “lovely apartment in the centre of Toronto.”

Scottish tourist Dougie Hamilton said on Facebook that he booked a one night stay at the apartment for Thursday. After a busy day in the city, he and his girlfriend settled in for a relaxing night — or so they thought.

As he was laying on the couch, Hamilton says he noticed a digital alarm clock facing the living room and open concept bedroom.

Having recently seen a video about hidden cameras, Hamilton says his paranoia got the better of him and he decided to take apart the clock. Much to his own surprise, his suspicions were confirmed and he found a hidden camera fitted to the front of the clock.

Toronto police say they are aware of the incident and are investigating after taking a report from the scene.

Officers say Hamilton was moved into a different apartment after making the discovery.

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