Critters tearing up the lawn for grub worms are helping you


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1300) — If your lawn is all torn up by raccoons and crows, hold your scorn towards the critters. They are actually helping for next season.

Mile Hunter, general manager of Hunters Garden Centre, says it may look ugly what the animals are doing to your lawn, but their ravaging and eating the grub worms saves your lawn from Chafer beetles in the new year.

“You get a lot of people that they’re response is to prevent the crows or the raccoons from digging in their grass, because they think that’s the problem,” he says “The problem is the grub that’s underneath the grass. Raccoons and skunks are actually doing you favour by digging them up and eating them. It just makes your lawn look terrible.”

Hunter says you can always easily re-seed any damaged areas on your lawn once the animals have rid it of those grubs.

Grub worms are young Scarab beetles or European chafer beetles that lay eggs in the earth and feed on grass roots, rendering sections of a lawn dead. One sign that you may have grub worms hiding in your lawn is brown patches. To check if you have them, simply grab the patch of brown grass and if it comes off easy with no roots, you got your culprit.

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