Federal Liberals nominate Karen Wang to run in Burnaby-South by-election

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) — Liberals in Burnaby-South have decided who will take on Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in next year’s byelection.

Party members nominated Karen Wang, an outspoken community member who runs a number of daycares across the Lower Mainland. The by-election has not been formally called by the federal government, but the Prime Minister is expected to call one for the riding early in the new year.

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Wang competed for the nomination against biotechnology scientist Cyrus Eduljee, and won after 123 members cast their ballots.

Wang previously ran for MLA with the B.C. Liberal Party in the last provincial election. She says she has gone to school in Burnaby South and raised her family here, and has run her business here.

Despite the riding leaning towards the NDP, Wang says she’s confident it can be flipped.

“I’m very familiar with our community, and I’m one of the people here. I will work hard and I will do a lot of door-knocking as well, and listen to peoples’ voices,” she says.

She says Singh will have a tough time connecting with voters, as he isn’t from Burnaby, or even British Columbia.

“He’s not from our local community, he cannot represent you, represent us,” she says.

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The main issues she says she will be focusing on are housing affordability, economy and stable jobs, and public transportation with TransLink.

Regarding housing affordability, she says: “I believe in a free market. It’s always demand and supply. Obviously, we need more supply, so that’s my opinion for housing affordability.”

She says she’s also supportive of Burnaby’s new mayor Mike Hurley who has committed to working improving housing in the city.

– With files from the Canadian Press

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