Police investigating video of woman throwing chair near Toronto highway


TORONTO (680 NEWS) – Toronto police are looking into a video posted over the weekend that appears to show a woman throwing a patio chair onto Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway from a balcony.

The clip, believed to be posted on Snapchat, shows a blonde woman standing on the balcony of a condo building holding a patio chair before launching it over the edge of the railing.

The video follows the chair on its way down towards the Gardiner, a highway that cuts through downtown Toronto, below. The chair misses the expressway but the video cuts out before the chair lands.

A building resident told CityNews she saw the mangled chairs just a few feet away from the front door and thought the wind might have blown them over. She said she was outraged by what she saw in the video.

“It could have killed me. I walk in and out of this door multiple times a day. My husband walks out of here,” said Julia Mazurick. “There’s people with babies, with pets, dog walkers, everything. I don’t think there’s anything funny — I don’t know what kind of state of mind you would have to be in actually to think that would be funny.”

Const. David Hopkinson with Toronto Police said the actions of the woman in the video are extremely thoughtless.

“How can you do something like that, that appears so callous? We’re looking at video of something that could absolutely cause somebody’s death,” he said

Police believe there were actually multiple items thrown off a very high floor of the building at 55 Bremner Boulevard. Investigators also believe the incident could have been part of a social media stunt.

No injuries were reported in the incident which is believed to have happened at 10 a.m. on Saturday, with the chair landing next to a bike rack at the front entrance of the condo building. Police say no one has come forward regarding any collisions related to a collision with a chair.

Police are still working to identify the woman in the video and say she is wanted for mischief – endanger life. They are also looking for the person recording the video.

Const. Hopkinson says depending on the reason and what led to for the incident, the woman seen throwing the chair could also face more charges.

“Is she trying to harm somebody? Is her intent to throw the chairs on somebody specific? If that’s the case, we’re talking very, very serious either weapons or assault charges. Highest level you can think of.”

The woman in the video is described as white, in her 20s, five foot one to two inches tall, a slim build with long blond hair.

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