How has SNC-Lavalin changed the 2019 election polls?

For nearly a month now, headlines have been dominated by stories of scandal and pressure and testimony, and Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s attempt to change the narrative. Judging by the coverage, that attempt hasn’t worked-but how has the SNC-Lavalin scandal actually changed Canadians’ stated voting preferences? How much will it matter in October?

Nearly every day since the scandal broke, Abacus Data has been in the field with a poll asking Canadians which party they intend to vote for, who they’d prefer as Prime Minister, how they feel about Trudeau, personally, and how closely they are following the scandal. They released the results Monday and there… are some surprises to say the least. So who’s been hurt the most by this scandal? And how badly do the Liberals need to change the subject? Or do they?

GUEST: David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data

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