Distracted driver given two tickets in just six minutes in Downtown Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It seems some people just don’t learn.

Two VPD officers issued distracted driving tickets within six minutes on Monday, to the same driver for using their cell phone in Downtown Vancouver.

The first ticket was issued on Seymour Street between Nelson and Smithe Streets.

“A short time later and a short distance away, that same driver was issued a second ticket by a different officer,” VPD Sergeant Jason Robillard said.

In fact, the second ticket was given to the driver just one block away from the first one.

Each ticket was for $368, totalling $736 for the two.

“It’s a very hefty fine. We’re hoping that that in itself — to get a fine like that — is a deterrent to people. But in this case, it just wasn’t,” Robillard said.

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He says a case like this isn’t as unusual as one might think, and distracted driving is a serious issue in Vancouver. “You can talk to anybody and ask them — if they’re walking around … you can see drivers on their phones.”

“This is a problem we need to get through to our families and everybody else … We all need to come together and get the word out there that this is unsafe behaviour.”

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