Want to get high while on vacation? There’s an app for that, sort of

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – You know Airbnb? What about a Pot-bnb?

A site is offering people the chance to “find the world’s best cannabis and fun friendly experiences and rental,” to help take the edge off while traveling.

The idea has a local pot advocate hoping it takes off for when she goes away.

“You don’t want to feel embarrassed like the bad guy, everybody’s looking at you — ‘ooh look at her she’s vaporizing,'” Shannon Chiarenza, who runs women’s focused site Weed Mama, tells NEWS 1130 while on holiday in the Okanagan. “I was laying down by the pool and though I wish I could vaporize some cannabis right now but I wasn’t sure if I could.”

She says it can be a challenge to not know where it’s ok and where it’s not to smoke while traveling, even though recreational marijuana use is legal across Canada.

“Then there’s no worry about if you’re offending anyone and there’s no worry if you will be hassled so you just do it and feel free,” Chiarenzasays. “We’re not there yet. We’re still at a place where there are still people who are really offended by people who use cannabis.”

She’s excited about the site called PotRentals.com, which is for travelers and landlords to rent short stays where pot is allowed, and hopes it’s the way of the future.

Brian Marques, head of Marketing and Communications with the site, says the company is just getting going. It launched in Montreal in January and they are now working on growing in cities with high vacation volumes, including the Vancouver area. Right now there are only about ten listings in the city.

Most of the listings are in eastern Canada.

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