Prime Minister’s approval rating jumps amid pandemic: poll


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — It looks like many Canadians are impressed with the federal government’s response to the ongoing pandemic. A recent poll suggests the prime minister’s approval rating has jumped more than 20 points since this all began.

The Angus-Reid poll suggests Justin Trudeau sits with a 54 per cent approval rating, his highest rating since 2017.

As well, 62 per cent of those surveyed say Trudeau is doing a good job handling the pandemic.

His approval rating has see-sawed a bit recently. The poll suggests his handling of the Iran plane crash in January led to a 7-point boost in support, but that was quickly wiped out by nationwide blockades and protests due to the Coastal GasLink LNG project.

Timeline of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval rating. (Courtesy Angus Reid Institute)

Country-wide, his highest approval ratings can be found in B.C., Ontario, and Atlantic Canada (58 per cent), while it’s lower in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Quebec and Manitoba residents seem to be more divided.

The numbers aren’t translating into huge gains for the federal Liberals overall, however; the poll suggests Trudeau’s party holds a slight, 2-point lead over the opposition Conservatives.

When looking at only decided voters, the number increases slightly to 3 per cent.

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