It’s Day 1 of the B.C. election campaign. How are you feeling?

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – Tuesday marks the first official day of the election campaign as British Columbians get set to cast their ballots in the Oct. 24 vote.

However, amid concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people aren’t pleased with the news, with the whole idea viewed as largely controversial.

The views on social media seem to lean more toward the critical side, with some asking what the need for a vote is.

“In case anyone noticed, we seemed to be getting along just fine with an NDP/Green coalition in BC. So isn’t the election the instability?” Norine Shim writes online.

“I am normally an NDP voter. However, this election, I will not be voting NDP,” one NEWS 1130 listener says.

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However, others still insist that regardless of the timing of the snap election, they will stick with Horgan and his New Democrats over the Liberals.

“I’d like to have John Horgan back as premier in this province because he’s an outstanding sort of guy, he cares about the people, he faces the people,” another listener says.

Initially, there was a lot of concern voiced over the idea of heading to a polling station amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But there seems to have been a shift in attitudes, as more people learn mail-in voting is a possibility, addressing some of the safety concerns associated with voting.

“You don’t need to set your hair on fire. You can vote by mail. And I would hope people’s vote won’t be based on spite,” @KimTamm11 writes on Twitter, taking a more pragmatic approach.

And she’s right. Everyone can apply to vote by mail by signing up with Elections BC — something a number of people have taken to Twitter to share more information about.

“OK BC – like it or not, we are having an election. Whoever you choose to vote for, here’s an option – vote by mail. You can request your vote-by-mail package here. It took me less than a minute to submit,” @bjcjapan writes, echoing many other tweets Monday night.

Premier John Horgan met with Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin on Monday to ask her to dissolve government, a request she granted, making way for an election.

This followed weeks of speculation about a fall election — which comes about a year ahead of the already-fixed date of Oct. 16, 2021 set by the Horgan government.

The election will be held on Oct. 24.

In anticipation of a possible fall vote, Elections BC had been preparing to ensure an election could be conducted safely amid the ongoing health crisis.

The early election breaks a Confidence and Supply Agreement the NDP had with the Green Party.

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