Montreal consignment store Love That Bag Etc. opens shop in Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A Montreal-based consignment store has just landed in Vancouver and is hoping to make a ripple of change in more ways than one.

President of Love that Bag Etc. Caroline Reny says buying pre-loved items has become more popular during the pandemic, and with many designer stores closed, quite a few people are looking to consignment stores to satisfy their cravings.

“Some are still looking for their Louis Vuitton or for their Chanel, and with the stores being closed, and even Chanel not even selling their bags online, so clients are still looking for these luxury goods to spoil themselves,” she says.

Reny says the store pays it forward by filling handbags that don’t meet reselling standards with beauty and hygiene products and giving those to women’s shelters.

“We filled them with shampoos or lipsticks or fun beauty products that they can make use of,” she says. “We started doing it in Montreal and we’re looking to do this in Vancouver as well,”

Reny says it’s never too late to get into the treasure hunt for pre-loved luxuries, adding it also helps the environment.

“The most important thing is that you’re giving these luxury goods a second life. You’re extending these life cycles of these items. They say that it usually extends it to about two and a half years, so there’s an environmental advantage to that,” Reny explains.

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