Kittens abandoned in North Vancouver during heatwave: rescue group

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Several kittens seem to have been dumped across the North Shore last week, as the region was beginning to see extreme temperatures.

Lana Simon, the founder of Pacific Animal Foundation in North Vancouver, says a total of seven kittens were found in various locations.

“Dehydrated and they are just skin and bones. One is extremely lethargic, which is typical of dehydration. We don’t really know how long they were out there. We just immediately lined up a rushed vet visit,” she told NEWS 1130.

Two of the cats were in pretty bad shape, and needed further medical treatment. Due to the heatwave and how young the kittens were, Simon says the animals could very well have died.

“They needed what you call subcutaneous fluids to hydrate them again. They would not have been able to take in enough water on their own to right their little systems. The vets had to intervene,” she explained, adding the cats’ ears were also quite dirty.

“This was at the very start of the heatwave — that was Thursday night. So, being dehydrated then, they just would not have been strong enough to go much longer I don’t think.”

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Simon says the kittens aren’t feral. She notes the cats were found by the government docks in Deep Cove, and that it’s not sure if an adult cat was left there too.

“These little kittens are all social, very social, which tells us they’ve had a lot of human contact,” she explained.

The cats are all expected to make a full recovery and will be taken to the BC SPCA.

“Basically, now, they need lots of tender loving care and some good food,” she said, noting the two kittens who were found in the worst condition were also quite underweight. “And that’s kind of sad.”

The kittens have prompted advocates to remind people to reach out if they need help, rather than endangering animals’ lives.

Simon says there are a number of rescue centres that are available for support if a person finds themselves not being able to care for an animal.

“There are resources out in the community to help them. If someone’s cat has kittens and someone can’t take care of them … there are a lot of groups that will help,” she told NEWS 1130, adding you can also contact your vet to find out where to get more help.

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