Iconic Iced Tea brand selling limited edition bikes for 99¢ to Canadians

VANCOUVER (CityNews) — One nostalgic iced tea brand is kicking summer into gear, by unveiling a collection of limited edition bikes available for an iconic price!

For Sea Wall cruisers or city cyclists, a bicycle is never a bad thing to possess in beautiful Vancouver — especially when the weather is this nice. And while cherry blossom season may be long gone, one brand is putting some pretty gorgeous bikes adorned with cherry blossoms up for sale, for an unbelievable price!

AriZona is releasing three beautifully-decorated bike designs online on July 13th at 10 AM, as part of a promotion for the brand’s new alcoholic beverages called AriZona Hard. This new beverage mixes a much-loved summer classic, now with 5% alcohol!

The best part? They’re paying homage to the original trendy green tea drink that started it all, by selling all the bikes at the same price as its tall cans of AriZona Green Tea! In case you don’t remember, that means the bikes will be a whopping 99¢!

According to a press release, “The retro AriZona Hard bikes will provide Canadians an opportunity to pedal in style – all for a great price of just 99¢, inspired by the original Green Tea tall can.”

Since this new alcoholic beverage will be available throughout Canada, people across the country will be able to try and snag their own 99¢ bicycle, not just Vancouverites, meaning it’s going to be a cutthroat challenge to get your hands on one of these colourful bad boys!

The release goes on to read that the three featured bicycle designs were inspired by the classic Hard Green Tea can, as well as the all-new Hard Lemon Iced Tea and Hard Peach Iced Tea, and their Marketing team feels confident they’ll be all the rage.

“From can-in-hand to stylish merch, Canadians love to sport those bright AriZona cherry blossoms – so we were inspired, especially with the launch of two new AriZona Hard flavours,” says Michelle Sowinski, Senior Marketing Manager with AriZona Hard. “These retro design bikes, at the original AriZona price tag of 99 cents, will have Canadians feeling nostalgic and having fun all summer long.”

AriZona Hard limited edition bike sale
Price: $0.99 per bike
Date: July 13, 2021
Time: 10 AM Pacific
Website: arizonahard.ca
CityNews note: You must be of legal drinking age to purchase*

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