Metro Vancouver gas prices remain high, passing $2.30 heading into weekend

Your wallet will continue feeling the pinch as we head into the weekend, with gas prices across Metro Vancouver once again spiking.

Some stations around the region saw a litre of regular go for $2.33 Friday morning.

That’s after yet another increase, in some cases of about 10 cents between Thursday and Friday.

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One industry analyst says part of the reason for that increase is we’re seeing a shortage of supply but an increase in demand for all petroleum products.

Many Metro Vancouver drivers have been struggling to keep up with soaring gas prices in recent months, with record after record being broken.

Last month, En-Pro International Senior Pretroleum Analyst Roger McKnight told CityNews it was possible prices could hit $2.40 per liter of regular in the region, adding demand would rise as more Americans hit the road for the summer and supply dries up. This is an issue for Metro Vancouver because much of the region’s supply comes from the U.S.

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia is also playing a role in the situation globally.

Meanwhile, Metro Vancouver drivers continue to pay some of the highest fuel taxes across Canada.

The province has repeatedly said it is not considering cutting taxes to offer relief, instead standing by gas rebates promised to insured drivers back in March.

Those $110 payments are still being dolled out to thousands of drivers, despite promises that the funds would arrive to British Columbians sooner. As of mid-May, fewer than one per cent of eligible British Columbians had received their ICBC rebate.

-With files from Sonia Aslam

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