Jury deliberations to begin in Amanda Todd case

Jury deliberations are expected to begin Friday in the trial of the Dutch man accused of extorting Amanda Todd, the teen from Port Coquitlam who took her own life in 2012.

Aydin Coban is on trial for extortion, harassment, communication with a young person to commit a sexual offence, and possessing child pornography. Coban has pleaded not guilty.

Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, believes the Crown put forward a good case.

“This weekend, we hope the jury will make a positive choice. And I’ll be back here and we can talk more openly about it,” she told OMNI news.

She hopes the jurors consider all the evidence presented during the nearly two-month-long trial.

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“I truly believe you have to look at all the pieces and put it together,” she said. “It’s like one big puzzle. So my hope is that the jury is able to do that.”

Carol Todd has been in court every day since the proceeding began on June 6.

“It’s a long time, however, it’s not very long, considering Amanda lost her life for various reasons. So, two months isn’t very long, in that whole scope of things,” she said.

However, she’s bracing herself in the event of a disappointing outcome, she told OMNI earlier this week.

“I’m preparing for whatever the [decision] may be. Of course, I want a guilty verdict, but I’m getting myself ready for whatever.”

Prosecutor Louise Kenworthy wrapped up the Crown’s closing arguments earlier this week, telling a B.C. Supreme Court jury trial that the case against Aydin Coban was circumstantial, but the two devices seized by police are the link to the Port Coquitlam teenager.

Kenworthy told the court that “all roads lead to Mr. Coban” as she walked the jury through pieces of evidence found on the two devices to show that they were used by the Dutch man.

With files from OMNI and The Canadian Press

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