Langley Highway 1 widening, Glover Rd works underway

Work has begun on widening Highway 1 through Langley, a project which includes the eventual replacement of the Glover Road crossing.

The province says the replacement of the crossing is a key component of its promise to widen the highway from 216 Street to 264 Street.

“The Glover Road crossing replacement is a major milestone as part of our government’s commitment to widen Highway 1 in the Fraser Valley. These needed upgrades will help get goods moving smoothly along this important trade corridor and make it easier for people to get to work and back home again to their families,” Rob Flemming, minister of transportation and infrastructure, said in a new release.

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The province adds the project will help “relieve congestion for drivers and accommodate more sustainable transportation options for all travellers.”

It says the height of the crossing will also be raised, so more commercial and oversize vehicles are able to travel on the route.

“It’s exciting to see work underway to help the movement of goods, improve road safety and address increasing traffic volumes in the region,” Langley’s Mayor Eric Woodward said.

Langley East MLA Megan Dykeman adds the changes will benefit more than just the drivers.

“The upgrades to the overpass and the new crossing at Glover Road are the first phase of widening Highway 1 through the Township of Langley and will benefit drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.”

The project is expected to cost $345 million and is set to be finished by the summer of 2024.

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