Vancouver City Council unanimously approves the Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan

The Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan is aimed at helping revitalize Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood.

The plan includes enhanced cleaning and sanitation services, graffiti removal and beautification, and additional community supports.

In a statement on the City of Vancouver website, Mayor Ken Sim says helping out the area is a high priority.

“Chinatown is an invaluable part of our city — a much-beloved community that celebrates Vancouver’s diversity and cultural heritage. Chinatown holds an important place in the hearts of many. Today, with the passage of the Uplifting Chinatown Plan, we are excited to be taking the next step towards the revitalization and renewal of this vital part of our city,” he said.

Vancouver city council chambers

Vancouver City Council discusses the Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan in Council Chambers on Tuesday January 17th, 2022. (CityNews Image)

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The decision means funding for the plan will be included in the city’s draft 2023 operating budget when it comes up for approval in March.

In November 2022, a council motion directed staff to urgently deliver a strategy to protect Chinatown which has experienced significant challenges in recent years, including anti-Asian racism and public safety concerns impacting its businesses.

According to the City of Vancouver’s website, the action plan would start as early as spring 2023 with enhanced cleaning and sanitation.

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