West Vancouver homeowner thwarts break-and-enter: police

A West Vancouver homeowner took matters into their own hands after someone broke into their house earlier this month.

Police say officers received reports of an “interrupted break-and-enter” at a home along Macbeth Crescent near 3rd Street on April 2 around 3 a.m.

The homeowners are said to have found an unknown man in their kitchen after they were woken up by a noise in their house. After a confrontation and “brief struggle,” police say the suspect was held on the ground until officers arrived.

No one was physically hurt.

Investigators say the suspect got into the home by “prying open a partially open window” and cutting through the screen.

Sgt. Mark McLean says the incident is “unusual,” and is thankful nobody was hurt.

“This was alarming to the family inside; who had children sleeping down the hall,” he said. “This is a good time to remind people that, with warmer weather approaching, it is important to secure windows and doors at night.”

Vancouver man Wesley John Spiekermann was arrested in connection with this incident and has been charged with one count of break-and-enter. Police say he remains in custody and is expected in court on April 19.

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