Canadian drag queen Kendall Gender to host Vancouver Pride Parade

Canadian drag queen Kendall Gender will be back to host Vancouver’s Pride Parade this summer.

Scheduled for Aug. 6, the parade is a beloved tradition that typically draws more than 100,000 people to the downtown core.

A top-three contestant on the second season of the reality TV show Canada’s Drag Race, Gender tells CityNews about her excitement when it comes to hosting the parade.

“I’m just honestly extremely honored to get to do it. I remember in my early 20s when I wouldn’t go to the Pride Parade because I was like wanting to just go to parties or whatever. And then once I started going, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is my absolute favorite part of the Pride Weekend.’ It is so monumental and it’s so exciting and I just feel like there’s so much history that’s wrapped up in it.”

She says the parade is a must-watch event that shouldn’t be missed.

“That is my biggest recommendation to anyone if you don’t know what to do for … Pride Weekend — make sure you go to the parade. It is so cool and there’s just so much love and we’re honestly very lucky in Vancouver to have such a celebration at that capacity,” she explained.

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Gender adds this year’s parade will be more accessible with changes to the route

“There was just some issues, obviously, going through Sunset Beach because of the really high incline,” she said. “So I think it’s cool. I mean, why not spread our … glitter-filled wings, if you will, and make it more accessible for everyone.”

Leading up to August, Gender says she is celebrating Pride in many ways.

“So the cool thing about this new phase of my career, if you will, is that I get to celebrate Pride for quite a few months. So I get the honour of going to a bunch of different cities across, basically, the world at this point to celebrate Pride in each of these cities,” she said.

Gender is also part of a trio of drag performers called the Bratpack, with shows scheduled across major Canadian cities.

“We actually are going on a little tour with my Bratpack girls, you know, my Vancouver drag troupe. We are … starting off on a west coast tour to a bunch of, I think it’s six or seven dates, which is really exciting,” she said.

“Basically, the tour is called B Factor and what we’re doing is the making of a drag supergroup and sort of telling the unauthorized version of that a little bit … and going through iconic groups and trios of all time.”

Famous trios include The Power Girls and Charlie’s Angels, Gender adds.

For those looking to celebrate Pride, Gender says there are many options. Above all, she says “Pride is all about community.”

“So find the community during the Pride season that speaks to you. There’s so many different events for all different types of people,” she said.

“But get out there. It’s full of love and it’s really a celebration, and we have to recognize that by being such a big part of our city — we are very lucky in a lot of ways.”

To learn more about Gender and the Bratpack, click here.

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