New survey asks Canadians just what they’re proud of

Ahead of Canada Day, a new survey asked Canadians about 12 of the country’s institutions and how they feel about them.

The online survey — conducted by Research Co. — found mixed results according to the company’s president, Mario Canseco.

Canadians were found to be proud of multiculturalism, the Armed Forces, and bilingualism — but not so proud of the health care system, the justice system, parliament, the economy, and the monarchy. Canseco says some of these results have seen a major change since Research Co’s 2022 survey.

“One thing where we see the growth at the highest level — comparing 2022 to 2023 — is indigenous culture.”

“It’s at 66 per cent. It’s now on the top six out of the 12 things that we measure, and it’s the one area where we see significant growth from all generations,” Canseco said.

In terms of the biggest decline, Canseco says the monarchy is becoming less and less popular with Canadians.

“It’s lower than it was a year ago, It’s three points down,” he said.

“There’s just a third of Canadians who think of the monarchy as one of the things that makes them proud of being Canadian. It’s really not a situation that is going to bounce back fairly quickly, because we know that [King] Charles isn’t particularly popular.”

Canseco adds the survey identifies some key gender differences.

He explains it found that men are more likely to be proud of hockey, health care, and the Canadian economy — while women are more likely to take pride in Indigenous culture and bilingualism than men.

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