Canadians willing to eat less, travel more: FlightHub

Would you cut back on your groceries to be able to go on vacation?

As Canadians have been grappling with inflation, a survey has uncovered a surprising trend: some people are prioritizing travel at the expense of their essential spending.

Online travel agency FlightHub says more than one-in-four recent travelers surveyed have racked up debt in order to afford a holiday. The agency adds 41 per cent of Canadians who have tightened their belts for a trip say they reduced their daily grocery expenses to afford a travel experience they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy otherwise.

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“Even amidst challenging economic times, the desire to explore and connect with the world remains a fundamental aspect of the human spirit,” said FlightHub CEO Chris Cave. “Travel has the remarkable ability to transcend financial concerns, providing a unique and enriching experience.”

The willingness to sacrifice essential purchases to be able to travel more varies by generation, the survey found. The agency says 57 per cent of Millennials will forego spending on restaurants, theatres, or concerts. Among Generation Z respondents, 69 per cent say they are willing to work extra hours to travel more.

“This year, we are seeing a number of changes in travel behaviour among our customers,” said Marc Ghobriel, CFO of FlightHub. “Generation Z, for example, is booking more flights than Boomers, and is more attracted to international destinations such as Manila, London and Paris.”

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