Will Canada place a cap on international students?

By Analysis by The Big Story Podcast

In today’s Big Story Podcast, it’s an issue that sits at the intersection of Canada’s identity and reality. Our country is extremely diverse and pro-immigration, but a massive housing crisis means we simply don’t have enough homes for everyone who needs one.

This week, Canada’s housing minister said the government would consider a cap on the number of international students who can enter the country, in hopes this might ease the housing crunch.

“Canada is still generally a really pro-immigrant country, and [The Liberals] really want to avoid being seen as xenophobic, and in fact, that’s a brush they’d rather paint their conservative rival with. So it’s a tricky one for Trudeau,” said Laura Dhillon Kane, Ottawa bureau chief for Bloomberg News.

Would it alleviate some of the housing crunch? What are the trade-offs to such a move? And is there a risk that the housing crisis pushes more Canadians towards anti-immigration sentiment?

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