Parking spot in Whistler sells for nearly $200,000

A parking stall in Whistler Village has sold for roughly the same cost as a down payment for a home in Metro Vancouver.

The listing on had the “rarely available” stall near the base of the Whistler and Blackcomb village gondalas priced at $195,000. It is located at the base of a luxury hotel in the heart of the village.

The parking stall that sold for $195,000 in Whistler Village.

The parking stall that sold for $195,000 in Whistler Village. (Source:

The realtor behind the listing, Shauna O’Callaghan, tells CityNews she had a client who previously owned the spot but sold it when he moved out of Whistler.

“It’s an independent parking spot, she said. “People who have homes don’t necessarily have access to the village. That’s what drives the price here.”

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She says she’s sold a handful of parking spots in the village before, but this one was a record price. Despite that, she says it sold within a week at the asking price, with multiple offers made.

“It’s rare, they only come up like, once a year,” she said.

Parking rates in Whistler currently go for about $14 per day. If you were to pay that rate every day, it would take over 38 years to spend $195,000 on parking.

While the price may seem steep to some, O’Callaghan points out that for many people who own homes in Whistler, parking spots are a valuable asset.

“If you’re selling your house for $10 million and you can have a parking spot in the village, all of a sudden it makes their home unique,” she said.

“It’s kind of like the package bundle of why they’re worth so much. I’ll have clients who even sell their home with the cars … It’s a lifestyle people are buying.”

It’s not the first time a parking spot has sold for a large sum of money in B.C. Spots in Vancouver have sold for as much as $100,000.

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