New Westminster gold scam leaves local out $1,800: police

Police in New Westminster are warning locals about a fake gold scam after one resident was taken advantage of.

The New Westminster Police Department (NWPD) says this person was recently approached by a couple with children who claimed to be wealthy visitors from Dubai that had recently been robbed of all their cash.

According to police, the couple told this person they were in need of money for food and gas and offered to sell jewelry they claimed was made of gold. This person bought the jewelry from the couple for $1,800 but ultimately learned it was fake after getting it tested.

Police say the suspects were driving a dark grey BMW SUV and had three kids.

Sgt. Andrew Leaver says scammers like this can be convincing and have been known to rent luxury vehicles or wear expensive-looking clothes.

“If you are approached on the street by someone selling jewelry or gold, we ask that you say no and report them to police,” he said. “Fraudsters bring children with them because they know it plays to the emotions of their victims and makes their sad story more convincing.”

“New Westminster is a compassionate city, and these scammers are aware that they can use that virtue to their advantage.”

Police say this gold scam is actively under investigation and ask anyone who becomes a victim of fraud to report it to the New Westminster Police Department by calling 604-525-5411.

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