Vancouverites prepare for ‘doom and gloom’ as atmospheric river approaches

Environment Canada is warning rising water levels are expected as an atmospheric river is forecast to hit southern B.C. on Monday. Angela Bower reports this atmospheric river is expected to be weaker than the storm that caused flooding in 2021.

Rain, and lots of it, is heading to Vancouver. Environment Canada says rising water levels and coastal flooding is expected along exposed shorelines beginning Monday.

“It’s going to be doom and gloom for the next week or so,” one Vancouver resident said about the incoming weather.

Environment Canada says the heavy rain storm will be an atmospheric river and it’s forecast to hit southern B.C. on Monday.

While it says this atmospheric river is anticipated to be weaker than the one that caused massive floods in the Fraser Valley in 2021, it’s still going to come with its own risks.

Heavy rain and snow at higher elevations, as well as an increased risk of flooding and landslides are expected.

In anticipation of the weather, city officials in Vancouver have already taken preemptive measures by deploying sandbags along shorelines and inspecting catch basins in priority locations.

In Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood, residents say they already know the drill when it comes to preparing for downpours.

“Make sure the gutters are clean,” one resident said. “You don’t want flooding in your house.”

“Plants that don’t like to be super wet, bring them closer to your house. Think about your plants that don’t like wet feet,” another added.

Others say when the rain arrives, their only plan is to stay out of it.

“We don’t want to go out when it rains, we always have to carry an umbrella,” two residents said.

“Hide indoors at all times and try and avoid it and wait until spring,” another resident said.

The weather advisory is expected to last until Tuesday.

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