Ibrahim Ali lawyer says he’s receiving death threats

By News Staff

Content warning: The following story may be distressing for some readers. If you or someone you know is in need of support, you can find province-specific centres, crisis lines, and services here.

The defence lawyer for the man charged with murdering a 13-year-old girl in Burnaby’s Central Park in 2017 says he’s receiving death threats.

This detail is emerging with the jury now isolated to deliberate on the fate of the accused, Ibrahim Ali.

This has been a trial that has attracted major public attention. The trial has included large protests outside many court appearances at the BC Supreme Court, with people calling for justice for the young victim.

But this week things escalated even further — Ali’s defence lawyer Kevin McCullough revealed to the court that his family has been subjected to death threats.

He read out one threat in particular to court.

“Your family will suffer before you meet a violent and brutal death. It will happen before Christmas. The last thing you will know is that your family suffers like the child suffered. I am suicidal due to childhood predators looking for someone to cause pain to. I’ll burn myself alive. You’re it,” said McCullough.

Journalists have not been able to report these details until the jury was sequestered. It comes as some shocking statements were made in the closing arguments last week.

In his delivery during closing arguments, McCullough disputed the “innocent” portrayal of the victim by Crown prosecutors, saying the depiction was “rose-coloured” throughout the trial.

He argued the version of the girl’s lifestyle presented by the Crown is “at best, a partial picture” and “at worst, a lie.”

A publication ban prevents us from naming the victim.

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