Canadians optimistic that 2024 will be better than 2023: Maru poll

By Michael Talbot

“There’s always next year.”

It’s not just the mantra of long-suffering Maple Leafs fans.

It’s also how many make peace with the struggles and shortcomings of another calendar year. With 2024 on the horizon, Canadians seem ready to ring in the new year with an optimistic outlook.

That’s the finding of a new Maru public opinion poll released Friday morning that found a majority of Canadians (70 per cent) think 2024 will be better than 2023.

Optimism was highest among the youngest Canadians (aged 18-34) and oldest (55 +), while those in the middle (35-54) were more jaded.

Women (71 per cent) were also slightly more optimistic than men (68 per cent).

Those living in Atlantic Canada were the most optimistic bunch (73 per cent) while Albertans were the least optimistic (64 per cent).

Ontarians were somewhere in the upper-middle (71 per cent).

On what they expect for the Canadian economy, Canadians are basically split, with nearly half (48 per cent) saying 2024 will be a better year, while the other half (52 per cent) think it will be worse.

New Year’s resolutions focused on physical and mental health

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, Canadians say they’re most committed to improving their physical and mental health, followed by having better finances/savings/earnings, and better personal weight management/nutrition.

Sixty-per cent of Canadians said they will make a resolution, with 40 per cent rejecting the tradition.

Here’s a rundown of the resolutions Canadians will be making and how they rank.

  • Better physical/mental health (18 per cent )
  • Better finances/savings/earnings (12 per cent)
  • Better personal weight management/nutrition (11 per cent)
  • Having a better job/work arrangement (5 per cent)
  • Spending more time with friends/loved ones (5 per cent)
  • Love/Romance (4 per cent)
  • Committing to a trip/vacation/experience (4 per cent)
  • Making a major purchase like a house/car/boat (1 per cent)

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